I’m delighted to share news that my first film, Forgotten Bird of Paradise, has been awarded the Best Documentary award at the Dam Short Film Festival. Held in Boulder City, Nevada the festival was founded in 2003. It’s one of the USA’s leading independent film festivals, featuring a diverse range of short films and documentaries.

Forgotten Bird of Paradise has now been shown at festivals in over 7 countries including the UK, USA, Australia, Czech Republic and South Africa as well as featuring on reports on BBC, ABC and Channel 4 News.

I will soon start filming a new documentary about one of the UK’s most colourful characters, King Arthur Pendragon. A former Hell’s Angel turned Pagan King, he is a veteran of the UK protest movement and a larger than life personality. Always dressed in white robes and carrying his sword, he is the only person in the UK aside from the Queen who is allowed to wear a crown in their passport photo. He currently maintains a permanent protest by Stonehenge calling for the return of ancient bones that were removed from the site by archaeologists.