Musicians including Adrian Sherwood, Skip McDonald, Dr Das and Zimbi have come together for a new release on the superb Indigenous Resistance record label to raise awareness about the case of Galdino De Jesus Santos.

“Galdino was an indigenous Patoxo activist who was tragically murdered in Brazil’s capital Brasilia in 1997. Attending an indigenous rights meeting, Galadino missed the last bus to his lodging and as is the custom of many in Brazil he  went to sleep on a sidewalk to wait for the first bus in the morning. The sons of the capital’s elite judges and lawyers poured gasoline on the sleeping Galdino & as a joke, lit him on fire. He died from burns to 90% of his body.The actions of the murderers being indicative of how those with economic power in Brazil treat those they percieve as powerless.

Posters about Galdino, Atenco, anti -sexism posters, indigenous resistance in the Amazonias created by tapedave ,dubdem and anarchists from uruguay have been put up around various places in Brasil. Long live the memory of Galdino!”

More information about the release can be found by visiting the Generation Bass website or by visiting Indigenous Resistance’s website