War criminal. Mass murderer. Son of Satan. These were some of the slogans on placards outside the Huyton Inquiry in London last week as the former British Prime Minister Tony Blair made his long awaited appearance before the Iraq War panel.

But by the end of the day Blair’s appearance had rapidly dissolved into the anti-climax that many had predicted, rather than the trial many had hoped for. There was no admission of guilt. No probing questions. No offer of an apology. No sign of regret. If anything the great deceiver had once again come out on top. This was pure theatre with Blair the opportunist playing the lead role.

But it was Blair’s closing comments that were most revealing and provided more insight into the man than the previous 6 hours of questioning – he had no regrets and would do it all over again.

Let us hope this is not the final chapter. Every day people are dying in Iraq as a result of the war that Blair and Bush created. Every day in Iraq children are growing up without limbs, without parents, without hope. Blair’s war has not made Iraq or the world a safer place. He may be able to deceive himself into believing he has made the world a better place, but for the rest of humanity the consequences of his actions will be felt for years to come.