Hundreds of people including druids and pagans flocked to Stonehenge in Wiltshire yesterday to celebrate the winter solstice. Over 600 people were at the monument, adding to the 30,000 strong crowds who descended on the stones for the Summer Solstice.

Increasing numbers of people are returning to ancient practises like Paganism in their search for meaning and true values, and in some ways it could be argued that it is becoming our new national faith.

According to the Pagan Federation, all you have to believe to be a pagan is that each of us has the right to follow our own path (as long as it harms no-one else); that the high power (or powers) exists; and that nature is to be venetrated.
The public outcry in the light of the failure of world powers to reach agreement at the Copenhagen Summit as well as ongoing awareness of issues including global warming highlight a shift in consciouness to the Pagan way.

What is certain is that there seems to be a certain British character that lends itself to celebrating and protecting its ancient landscape, and it affects you no matter what religion you actually adhere to. Long may the pagan spirit grow within us.