Being King Arthur

30 mins  |  2013  |  16:9

In 1986, Johnny Rothwell, a former British soldier turned environmental activist and biker, had a realisation. The daydream world he would often drift into when he was a child was in fact dark-age Britain. He was the reincarnation of the legendary British leader, King Arthur.

Since then, dressed in full battle robes and crown, equipped with his four and a half foot Celtic broad sword Excalibur (made for the 1981 movie) and riding his trusty steed – a Triumph motorcycle – he has taken up his quest: to fight for truth, honour and justice.

From his position at the helm of efforts to return ancient remains to Stonehenge, through to his environmental activism endeavours including the Newbury road protest movements, Being King Arthur tells the story of a very modern day druid King and his Knights of the Round Table at their castle Camelot – Stonehenge.