Being King Arthur

30 mins  |  2013  |  16:9

Being King Arthur tells the real life story of Johnny Rothwell – a former British soldier, turned biker and the self-proclaimed reincarnation of the legendary British leader, King Arthur.

The documentary charts his remarkable journey; from the front-lines of the Newbury road protests, to his attempts to win a seat in the UK Houses of Parliament, as well as ongoing battles against English Heritage to provide free access to Stonehenge and prevent the removal of ancient remains from the site.

Shot over a two year period and with exclusive access, Being King Arthur gets to the heart of what it means to be a very modern day druid King.

Produced by Dancing Turtle Films


Community Channel, UK, 2014
Byron Bay International Film Festival, Australia, 2013
Seattle True Independent Festival, USA, 2013
Justice Film Festival, USA, 2013
Green Man, Wales, 2013

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